3D Number Plates For Bikes

3D number plates for bikes

According to the Department for Transport’s statistical report for 2020, motorcycles accounted for approximately 1.3% of all licensed vehicles in the UK. There were a total of 38.6 million registered vehicles at the end of 2020 in the UK which equates to only 501,000 licensed motorcycles at this point.

However, although the total number of motorcycles is relatively small in comparison to all other licensed vehicles, it could be argued that a larger percentage of motorcycle owners like to modify their pride and joy when being compared to other vehicles; typically, the first thing that is changed is the number plate!

Custom 3D Number Plates For Bikes And Motorcycles

JDM Plates is an industry leader in providing custom number plates for motorcycles; here we can produce the smallest motorcycle plates in a range of styles such as 4D acrylic and 3D gel. 3D number plates for motorbikes seem to have grown in popularity over the last couple of years and seem to be on the rise. Previously, riders would tend to opt for a standard printed number plate and typically in a smaller motorcycle show plate format; such as 6×4, 7×5 or 8×6 formats which aren’t road legal and tend to earn the lucky rider a £100 fine…

Small Road Legal Motorbike Number Plates

A smaller number plate can be completely road legal depending on the registration number however. JDM Plates have laser cutting technology and have scrutinised legislation in order to understand the smallest legal sizes for motorbikes. Not only this, but 3D motorcycle number plates are also completely road legal so long as the 3D characters are black only and the correct spacing, margins and legal markings are displayed; it was also confirmed that 3D gel and 4D acrylic number plates will be road legal from September 2021 and it is also worth noting that 3D gel and 4D acrylic number plates are completely MOT friendly number plates.

How Much Are 3D Motorcycle Number Plates

At JDM Plates, we typically sell a 3D number plates for bikes at £34.99. This is also for the smallest legal size to suit your reg and also includes a declaration of legality; this can be displayed in the event you are ever questioned about your plate or even need to prove to a garage that it is road legal.


There are 3 main sizes we offer; these include:-

5 or 6 character plate; 174mm wide x 164mm high. This is approximately 6.8 inches wide x 6.5 inches high.

7 character which includes a number 1 plate; 194mm wide x 164mm high. This is approximately 7.8 inches wide and 6.5 inches high. This size is for a reg such as AB17 ABC instead of AB67 ABC.

7 character plate; 228mm wide x 164mm high. This is approximately 8.9 inches wide x 6.5 inches high.


It is worth noting that even smaller sizes can also be road legal if there is a maximum of 2 characters per row. It is also important to understand that motorcycle number plates need to be displayed over 2 rows.

Are 4D Motorcycle Number Plates The Same As 3D?

No, 4D acrylic number plates are slightly different to their 3D counterparts. 4D number plate letters are laser cut from a solid, black, acrylic sheet which have sharp edges whereas 3D number plate letters are a raised gel letter which is far more forgiving and rounded. 3D gel number plates have been around for quite a few years now, since the early 2000’s whereas 4D number plates only really became popular within the last 5 years.

Although there are slight differences between 4D motorcycle number and 3D motorcycle number plates, they are essentially made exactly the same. Our article explaining how are 4D number plates made explains this process and the methods JDM Plates use.

If you ever want to design your 3D number plates for bikes, then feel free to use our number plate builder or if you have any questions, feel free to call us on 01493 230023.

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