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Here at JDM Plates we specialise in import number plates. From 2002, imported cars within the UK have been permitted to mount number plates that are smaller, significantly smaller, than the normal UK size number plate.

Prior to 2002, imported vehicles would mount motorcycle number plates – especially on the rear. This wasn’t due to outright non-compliance, but more the fact that most imported cars cannot physically mount a larger UK size number plate in the available recess!

Due to many imported vehicle owners being consistently fined by having to use the motorcycle size number plates, a group of car enthusiasts brought a case to parliament whereby an amendment was then granted to the Display of Registration Number Regulations. This amendment then allowed imported vehicles to legally use the smaller motorcycle size font to enable a legal number plate fit the aperture of imported vehicle.

There are 3 main import number plate sizes. These are:-

13’ x 7’

13’ x 6.5’

12’ x 6’

These aforementioned sizes correspond to the following in millimetres:-

330mm x 178mm

330mm x 165mm

303mm x 152mm

At JDM Plates, we offer all of the above imported number plate sizes, dimensions displayed in millimetres, but we also offer a range of other – not very common – imported number plate sizes too! We offer customer imported number plate sizes to accommodate the number of digits within the registration number so if you are lucky enough to have a registration number with fewer than 7 characters then you can legally go even smaller than the 3 main sizes mentioned above! Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on this or alternatively visit out number plate builder.

You may be thinking, ‘What about imported number plates on non-imported vehicles?’, well, unfortunately this isn’t road legal. The reasons can be found in the linked article above but fundamentally, it’s due to the letter spacing, margins, sizes and being able to physically fit onto a import number plate size!

US imported vehicles and Japanese JDM imported vehicles can both mount the aforementioned number plate sizes aswell as the smaller custom import number plates found in our number plate builder. The reason both US imported and JDM imported vehicles can’t use all of the generic imported size number plates is because there is no stipulation between the original location of imported vehicles outside of the EU.

However, American imported vehicles usually have a number plate recess to accommodate the 12’ x 6’ number plate, 303mm x 152mm, whereas a Japanese imported vehicle has a larger recess to mount the 13’ x 7’ number plate size but alot of JDM imported car owners, from experience, prefer the 13’ x 6.5’ imported number plate size as it is the best compromise out of the 3 generic sizes.

It is worth noting however, that you are not legally obliged to have the same size imported number plates on the front and rear of your imported vehicle. It is common to have different sizes on the front and rear. For instance, a Japanese imported Honda integra DC5 has a larger number plate recess on the rear of the car to accommodate a 13’ x 7’ number plate whereas the front number plate bracket is best suited for a 12’ x 6’ number plate. Both these sizes are road legal on an imported car.

Import number plates can be made in a variety of styles. We offer the option to have 4D acrylic styling and 3D gel styling as well as a combination of the two, to be used on an imported number plate sizes. However, we do also offer the plain printed styling but we can offer custom sizes, to accommodate your reg, for all the aforementioned text styles which can be designed via our number plate builder!


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For more information about the range of import number plates we have available, you can visit our number plate builder or list of products at the top of this page. We have informative blog posts for helpful advice on the options available for changing your number plate and the legal steps required to purchase your replacement number plates.

We are passionate about what we do and with many years of experience, we believe that choosing JDM Plates for all of your number plate requirements is the best course of action in your search for the highest quality plates across the U.K.

For all import number plate enquiries, you can call us on 01493 230023. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch by leaving us a message below!


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