Replacement Number Plates – Amazing Styles For All!

Replacement Number Plates – A must read for all Vehicle Owners

Do you need replacement number plates? If yes, you’re in the right place. There are many reasons you or anyone else might need a replacement number plate, and they include the following;

  • your number plate is cracked
  • your number plate is broken or stolen
  • your plate has marks, and the number and letters are no longer recognizable
  • You need to quickly replace your plate as soon as possible because it is illegal to use plates that are hard to read.

Do you know that If you drive a vehicle whose number plate is altered, obscured, or broken in the UK, you’re committing a criminal offence and can be pulled over; whether this is an honest mistake or not, you could face some significant consequences.

This is also a safety issue due to the fact that sharp pieces of plastic could come away from the rest of the number plate causing serious injury to passers by!

you could be asked to pay a £1000 fine, and your vehicle will fail its MOT test if you continue to drive with incorrectly displayed number plates.

Therefore, to avoid a trip to the Police Station, or any hassle at all,feel free to leverage the expertise of JDM Plates to get your replacement number plates today and in the style of your choosing.

Who is JDM Plates?

JDM Plates, we manufacture and supply custom sized number plates on vehicles imported to the United Kingdom. We also provide the smallest legal sizes for motorcycles and UK cars too!

We make premium quality number plates that are UV resistant, utilise Hi-impact Acrylic and highly reflective sheeting. Our products comply with all relevant UK legislation, and they have a three year guarantee.

Our number plates service spans across printed car and motorcycle number plates, gel number plates, 3mm and 5mm 4d number plates and accessories. We also supply a combination of 4D with topped gel number plates which do definitely stand out!

Now back to the article – what style of replacement number plates are you looking for?

If you want to replace your old dated and faded number plates, we have various options for you to choose from. They include all of the styles mentioned above but in a range of different sizes, including standard oblong plates, motorcycle or square number plates.

JDM Plates is also registered with Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) as a reputable supplier of legal number plates in the UK so you can be sure all of our legal number plates are in fact legal! We have 5 star trustpilot and google reviews which shows our trustworthiness in the market and lets the general public know that all our personalised replacement number plates are road legal.

Where can I buy replacement number plates in the UK?

If you’re within the United Kingdom and need to replace your damaged number plate, you can reach out to us to purchase your replacement done with ease.

It only takes three days maximum from the day of receiving your legal entitlement.

Note: You can purchase private registration marks from the DVLA. However, they give you, the purchaser, the entitlement to use the registration mark. They don’t do the manufacturing of the physical number plate.

That’s where JDM Plates come to the rescue.

Can I order my replacement plates online within the United Kingdom?

Yes, you can. As a reputable and trustworthy number plate supplier in the UK, we have made the process of getting a replacement very easy. Therefore, you can now order your new plates online with ease.

To order a replacement number plate, visit the number plate shop section on our website, where we have different categories of number plates to choose from and you can place your order there.

If you’re searching for a specific number plate and can’t find it, feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist as best we can; whether this is a custom size or style, there is a high chance that we can do it!

Once we receive your order and entitlement documentation, we’ll begin the manufacturing process at our plant located in Norwich. After production is complete, your number plates will be delivered to your doorstep via Royal Mail within 2 working days; you will also be sent tracking information for you to follow your package as you please.

What documents do I need to provide for replacement Number plates?

To get your legal UK number plate, you’ll need to provide a variety of documents so we can verify your information before a new plate is given to you.

UK law mandates us, the supplier, to collect documents from you to prove your address and name and show that you have permission to use the registration number.

Here are the required documents needed to prove your identity

Any of the following documents can be used to verify your identity, address and name.

  • Council Tax, Utility or rates bill issued in the last six months
  • Building society or Bank statement issued in the last six months
  • National identity card
  • Driving license
  • Passport – this doesn’t have to be issued in the United Kingdom
  • Armed forces identity card
  • Police warrant card

Note: Any document that you send to us must clearly show your name and address.

Here are the required documents needed to prove that you are entitled to the registration number

  • Retention document (V778)
  • Certificate of entitlement to the number (V750NI or V750)
  • Vehicle registration certificate (V5CNI or V5C)
  • Temporary registration certificate (V379NI or V379)
  • An authorization certificate (V948) with a certified stamp from the DVLA
  • Green tear-off Slip from the V5CNI or V5C
  • An authorization letter from a fleet operator comprising a hire or lease company. The letter should quote the document reference number from your registration certificate.

Please note: The above requirements are legal guidelines set by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and not JDM Plates, and we ask you to abide by them to serve you better. However, legislation also says this is a requirement for legal number plates.

Why you should order your replacement number plates from JDM Plates

There are many reasons why you should get your replacement license plates from us; here are the reasons that stand out the most;

  • We provide top quality replacement license plates.
  • Our plates are road legal and made in compliance with British Standard (BS AU 145e)
  • Our affordable industry-low pricing structure begins from £18.99 to £82.99 depending on your specification.
  • Our number plates are easy to use
  • You’ll get your personalized plate made and delivered to you within three days of receiving your entitlement.
  • We have a huge catalogue of plate styles to choose from
  • We provide Tracked 48 hour delivery.

To summarise regarding replacement number plates

If you have a badly damaged number plate, you need to ensure that you fix it as soon as possible in order to not attract a potential £1000 fine. For as little as £18.99, we advise you to order some replacement number plates which will not only complement your pride and joy aesthetically, but also save you from hassle with the law and a significant fine!

Should you choose to get your replacement number plates today, you can call us at 01493 230023 or contact us via the contact forms across the website.

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