Understanding Dateless Number Plates, A.K.A Northern Irish Vehicle Registrations

Northern Irish vehicle registrations, also known as dateless number plates, have unique characteristics when compared to other UK number plates. They notably lack any age identifier, making them applicable to vehicles of all ages.

As a reputable distributor of Northern Irish vehicle registrations, we offer an impressive inventory exceeding 50 million custom plates. Utilize our complimentary search tool to discover the ideal private plate for your car!

Dateless Number Plates available at JDM Plates

Steps to Acquire a Northern Irish Registration Plate

  1. Begin Your Search at registrations.jdmplates.co.uk
    Initiate your hunt for the perfect Northern Irish plate through our portal. Whether you’re aiming to express your personality, match your initials, or elevate your business, finding your ideal plate is effortless.
  2. Verify Vehicle Compatibility
    Upon identifying a plate that gains your interest, you can confirm its suitability for your specific vehicle.
  3. Purchase and Installation
    To secure the Northern Irish plate you’ve set your sights on, click “View and Buy” and proceed to checkout. The DVLA will issue you a V750 certificate of entitlement, which authorizes the use of the plate on your vehicle. To get your new plate fitted, simply take your V750 and identification to a certified number plate provider near you. Alternatively, we can perform the transfer for you at an additional cost.

Why Choose Us for Your Dateless Number Plate?

  • Unmatched Inventory
    Our collection exceeds 50 million plates, surpassing even the DVLA’s stock.
  • Competitive Pricing
    We guarantee the best prices for the finest selection of Irish plates.
  • Enduring Customer Support
    Whether you’ve recently made a purchase or it’s been years, our dedicated after-sales team is here to assist you.
  • Punctual Delivery
    We proudly received the highest rating for on-time delivery in 2020 by Reviews.co.uk.
  • Entitlement Certificate
    After your purchase, you’ll receive a V750 certificate of entitlement directly from the DVLA.

Selling Your Irish Plate?

We are an authority in selling DVLA registrations, and our comprehensive marketing strategy ensures we find the right buyer for your private plate. We’ll assess its market value and actively seek a buyer willing to pay an excellent price.

Gift an Irish Number Plate

Northern Irish plates make thoughtful and affordable gifts, ideal for colleagues, friends, or special occasions like weddings.

Financing Your Northern Irish Plate

Eyeing a plate that’s outside your budget? We offer flexible finance options, allowing you to spread your payments over 2 to 48 months with no upfront deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these plates legal in the UK?
    Absolutely. Northern Irish plates can be used across the UK, including England, Scotland, and Wales.
  • Can dateless number plates be transferred?
    Yes, they can be easily transferred to any UK-registered vehicle, irrespective of its age.
  • How to interpret Irish plates?
    The first letter is arbitrary, but the following two letters (either an ‘I’ or a ‘Z’ plus another letter) signify the issuing county in Northern Ireland. Age cannot be determined from the plate.
  • Where can I find affordable options?
    Our expansive database ensures a variety of choices, catering to all budgets.
  • What do the letters signify?
    The two-letter prefix generally corresponds to the region of registration. For instance, ‘AZ’ to ‘XI’ implies Belfast registration, whereas Antrim uses ‘DZ,’ ‘IA,’ ‘KZ,’ and ‘RZ.’

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