General Overview & Our Promise

JDM Plates is a supplier of high quality Number Plates which not only accommodate UK vehicles, but we specialise in manufacturing and supplying bespoke sized plates to be used on imported JDM vehicles within the UK. Our plates are made from top quality, Hi Impact Acrylic; UV resistant clear vinyl which is guaranteed for 3 years and high quality, reflective material that has been proven, tested and complies with relevant legislation. Not only this – but we use the latest laser graphic printing techniques, precise laser cutting machines and industry standard adhesive to ensure our printed number plates and 4D number plates are made to extremely high quality!

With over 18 years’ experience in the graphical design, sign making and printing industry, you can be confident (and we assure you), that our manufacturing department will produce top class number plates for your desired vehicle; which are not only significantly smaller, but fully legal too!

We are a small business which takes great pride in our customer care and satisfaction. Due to our pride, it is our promise that we will assist you in any legal matters if you ever do get stopped by the law regarding your new, bespoke number plates. We don’t do this just for good customer satisfaction, we do this because we know that our bespoke dimensions available are 100% legal and we do not want our customers feeling like they are in the wrong if they are to ever get stopped!

However, with each and every purchase, we will issue documentation to prove our bespoke products are road load legal – because they are road legal; FACT.

It is important to remember that when you purchase your number plate, that you purchase the correct variation. We try our best to check that every order meets the legal requirements for that vehicle but sometimes; particularly in busy periods, it is hard for us to check you have ordered the correct version. Please note that if you have ordered the wrong variation, i.e. if you have ordered the smallest legal JDM size but mounting it on a UK spec vehicle, you will not be covered by our certification and you are technically breaking the law and subject to £100 fine. It is up to you to ensure you have ordered the correct variation do not order a JDM size number plate to be used on a UK spec; our team will help with this if you have any queries or questions!


Our main office is based in Great Yarmouth but our manufacturing plant is based in Norwich. All of our number plates are made to order and despatched via Royal Mail or My Hermes straight to your door from our manufacturing plant. Typically, you should receive your number plate within 3 days after it has been ordered!

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Thank you for visiting and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using our ‘Contact Us’ page or alternatively, our contact forms or automated chat service and we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible!

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