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Also known as 3D number plates, 3D gel plates are licence plates with raised, 3D text. The plates the lettering is fixed onto are typically made from plastics or metal, whilst the lettering itself is made using a gel polyurethane resin. 3D plates are becoming increasingly popular to personalise vehicles, as they offer an eye-catching visual effect not possible with traditional flat plates, adding a high quality finish to your JDM Car.

3D gel characters are made using a doming process, where a clear gel is applied over black vinyl which has been vinyl cut to the shape of the number plate letter. This gel cures to provide a high gloss, protective finish that looks great and creates the 3D characters from fading and other damage. During curing, letters are heated to ensure there are no bubbles in the gel. Once we are satisfied that there are no imperfections, they are then left to cool.

Once ready, we use high-strength, 3M adhesive to stick the letters into place on your number plate and apply machine pressure to ensure the seal is airtight and permanent. Contemplating taking the leap to enhance your number plate? Please read on to discover more about our 3D gel plates.

Our 3D number plates are made from solid black material. This is the only acceptable colour if you intend on using your number plates for licensing your vehicle and, as such, this is the only colour we can offer. We only supply road legal plates of the highest quality.

This is true for all number plate suppliers. It is perfectly legal to use 3D gel number plates provided the plate is made with solid black text, with the correct font, size, and spacing. The DVLA in the UK has no issue with 3D plates as they follow all the same rules and regulations as regular number plates.

Adhering to the above rules and regulations and having a firm understanding of what is road legal and what isn’t, has helped set us apart from other similar businesses. We always go the extra mile to ensure that all of our customers are covered and legal.

We offer the standard UK car size number plate, at 520 x 111 mm, as well as several smaller options, including the smallest legally permitted sizes to accommodate your registration number and vehicle type. For instance, we can offer a 228mm wide x 164mm high plate size with 3D Gel lettering which is most commonly used for motorcycles and ATVs. However, Motorcycle and ATV number plates can be significantly smaller subject to the number of characters within the registration number!

We offer the smallest legal 3D number plates in the UK for all vehicles including imports and motorcycles. We also provide documentation to prove our own legality for every order we dispatch which helps our customers stay on the safe side of the law too! To find out more about the sizes we have available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

You may have seen number plates made with tints or patterns on the black, or even adding in colour substrates in the past. However, they are no longer legal and the DVLA has laid down clear number plate guidelines from September 2021 that we must work within to ensure that your number plate remains road legal.

The DVLA states that the text on all U.K number plates must be solid black and in the Charles Wright font to be legal. Therefore, all attempts to provide alternatives, such as carbon or coloured acrylics, are not legal. For this reason, we do not supply them anymore.

Similarly, 3D printed effect number plates were created by using two tones, black and grey, and applying the grey to one side of the font to simulate highlights and shadow. As 3D effect plates are not made with solid black text, they do not comply with DVLA regulations and are now illegal. We do not sell 3D effect number plates or any other plate style that is not created with solid black text, in line with DVLA standard BS AU 145e.

Thanks to their high gloss black finish, 3D gel number plates are visually stunning, and give your vehicle a final, prestige finish. Additionally, changing your licence plates from printed to 3D gel number plates may result in saving more money long-term, as they tend to have a greater longevity then their printed counterparts.

The domed gel top protects the underlying image from scratches, fading, and other damage that can occur over time. This means that your 3D gel plate will remain in its factory-new condition for years to come, even with regular use.

3D Gel number plates have become increasingly popular over the last few years as an alternative to regular number plates. There are several reasons for this, but the most common one is that 3D Gel number plates offer a much more 3-dimensional look than traditional number plates, which differentiates you from the crowd.

Another reason 3D Gel number plates are so popular is that they are less likely to fade or discolour over time. The gel used in these plates is UV resistant, meaning it will not fade in direct sunlight. To find out more reasons why gel plates are so popular, simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to help and advise in any way we can.

The most effective method in cleaning your 3D gel number plates is by using an all-purpose/multi-purpose cleaner, either by spraying it directly onto your number plates and then using a microfibre cloth to wipe the cleaning product on the surface of the plates, or by spraying the cleaning product onto the microfibre cloth and wiping your number plates until all the contaminants are gone/reacted with the cleaning fluid. You can then hose the area down with pressurised water on a low setting.

Yes! That is the reason JDM Plates came about hence the name. JDM Plates were setup to fill the gap for a range of different import size number plates including Gel number plates.

Import sized 3D number plates can be designed via our number plate builder.

You can visit our Number Plate Builder and enter your registration number into the number plate builder. You will be able to select 3D gel as your preferred option. We offer a rapid delivery service and 10% off using our discount code JDMP10.

Our 3D gel number plates ordering process has been designed to take as little time as possible to use at no extra inconvenience to you. It takes minutes to design and purchase.

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Here at JDM Plates, we produce thousands of 3D number plates of high quality and we only use the very best materials and equipment to carry out our work. We believe that investing in those things will help us become the leading 3D number plate manufacturer in the U.K.

For all 3D number plates enquiries, you can call us on 01493 230023or alternatively email us on our contact page or contact forms scattered around the website!

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