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Also known as Lamborghini number plates due to their mostly exclusive appearance on Lamborghini cars, hex number plates are a custom style number plate which perfectly fits the recess of your elegantly designed supercar. Designed to match the aesthetic of a Lamborghini, which focuses on sharp and precise angles to create a futuristic appearance, our hex number plates can further be combined with 3D and/or 4D raised lettering. This will further heighten the sophistication of your car for a finishing touch.

We are oftentimes asked if our hex numbers are legal and if so, can they be attached to cars other than Lamborghini’s, to which the answer to both queries is a definitive yes. However, there are some key points to consider which refer to the margins, spacing’s and character sizes. We have briefly explained these critical areas in our article explaining if 4D number plates are road legal, which includes their legality.

With these key dimensions set in place for your hex number plates, the only limitation, whilst being road legal, is the smallest permissible size. So, whilst the sizes measured as a total length and width as a x-y axis of horizontal and vertical lines, there is nothing in legislation which states the required shape of a number plate whereby have talked about shaped motorcycle number plates in a previous article

Short hex number plates are available on the market and the smallest legal size is subject to the registration number. Similar to generic short number plates, short hex number plates can go smaller with less characters on the plate. JDM Plates do offer short hex number plates via our visual number plate designer. Our Short hex number plates can also come in a variety of different text styles too such as 4D, Gel, 4D with Gel & printed to accommodate your preferred style!

We have had many customers who do not possess a Lamborghini and have still requested Lamborghini hex plates; you do not need to have a Lamborghini supercar to have them! Our Hex number plates have the same outer dimensions as a standard size number plate; meaning they will fit on any UK car.

The only difference is that the sides of the number plates are angled to give it that Lamborghini-style appearance. We also offer smaller Hex style acrylic plates to accommodate those who have private registration numbers which contain fewer characters – these are still road legal with reference to the aforementioned article when complying with the key dimensions.

The term ‘hex number plates’ refers to the hexagonal shape whereby the number plate has six sides. The extra two sides are generated when the sides of a plate are cut to give the angled, Lamborghini-style shape. Whether you buy hex number lates or Lamborghini-style number plates, they are the same thing, simply different terminology.

4D and gel characters can still be applied to hex number plates to give that desired effect.

From September 2001, the DVLA have updated the requirements for number plates which now need to comply with British Standard 145e, and there is no suggestive statement which implies 4D and 3D gel characters are in any way illegal. So long as all the relevant key dimensions are complied with, 4D Number Plates and 3D number plates will be road legal on a Lamborghini shaped plate.

At JDM Plates. we can provide 4D, 3D and a range of other styles in the hexagonal number plate style; these can be designed on our interactive number plate builder!

Here at JDM Plates, we can provide hexagonal number plates including 4D and 3D gel hex number plates. Our number plates comply with all relevant legislation and are made using high quality materials sourced from British Number Plate Manufacturing (BNMA) suppliers. Our 4D Hex style number plates and 3D gel Hex style number plates use high quality 3M adhesive on the characters to ensure they stay bonded to the plate for years to come!

If you would like to view our range of Lamborghini and hex shaped number plates; please visit our Number Plate Builder. As one of the industry-leading number plate manufacturers, we are proud of our stylish, dependable, and legal hex number plates. We always ensure that we are up to date with the most current laws regarding number plates.

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