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From the drop down list available, please select the style, size and colour of the number plate you wish to purchase. All our coloured number plates are made from high quality, optically clear 3mm acrylic and UV resistant black perspex! Our coloured number plate characters are bonded using industry standard adhesive! The coloured effect is generated with a 2mm thick fluorescent acrylic bonded to the bottom of a 3mm thick black acrylic resulting in a 5mm thick ‘coloured’ character. Alternatively, the neon coloured letter can be topped a 2mm thick gel letter.

With all orders you will receive a documentation to be kept in the car.

These coloured bespoke UK number plates are made to a considerable high standard and fully comply with the relevant standards within the UK.

If we don’t offer a size you desire; then please get in contact with us using the ‘Contact Us’ page!


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This is for coloured number plates. The coloured number plates characters are bonded using industry standard adhesive and are 5-6mm thick ontop of the plastic plate! They come with either gel topped letters or 4D (3mm) topped letters.

Remember:- Proof of ownership is required to be sent PRIOR to sending payment. As a trader, we are obligated to see proof of ownership of respective vehicles for all number plates purchased. JDM Plates are also obligated, to keep records of this aforementioned proof of ownership for a minimum of 3 years.

Our number plates are made from high quality materials, consisting of industry standard optically clear 3mm acrylic, high quality printers and laser cutters. We use high quality, industry standard reflective vinyl and optically clear acetate with UV and chemically resistant properties. Most importantly, ALL of the materials we use to build our number plates conform to relevant standard which result in a high quality, compliant finish!

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions N/A

White (Front), Yellow (Rear), Both


Standard (520w x 111h)mm, 5 Dig Plate (338w x 101h)mm, 6 Dig Plate With 1 (363w x 101h)mm, 6 Dig Plate (399w x 101h)mm, 6 Dig Plate (199w x 199h)mm, 7 Dig Plate With 1 (424w x 101h)mm, 7 Dig Plate (460w x 101h)mm, 7 Dig Plate With 1 (225w x 199h)mm, 7 Dig Plate (255w x 199h)mm


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