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Now that summer is over and the dark nights start coming in early, it might be time for you to store away your motorcycle for the colder months. For some of you, it might be your daily rider come rain or shine! However, we’re sure there will be some good riding days ahead before the year is over and we’re sure modifications for your pride and joy will be a never-ending journey!

If you have a motorcycle and have regularly gone to motorcycle meets over the summer months, you may have spotted a shaped motorcycle number plate or two and questioned where these were from. Well, a little while ago we launched our profiled number plate selection for motorcycle number plates. Essentially, these are shaped number plates to accommodate the contours of the registration number.

What are these shaped motorcycle number plates called?

Currently, at JDM Plates, we offer the smallest legal motorcycle number plates in the market. Essentially, we remove all of the excess reflective material that surrounds the registration number. However, you can benefit further from our profiling format if you have unequal rows of characters. For example, if the top row of the number plate contains four characters whereas the bottom row contains 3; you can opt for our profiled number plate. When choosing the profiled optional extra, all of the excess reflective either side of the bottom row of characters (or smallest row) will be removed and the margin / perimeter of the number plate will follow the contour of the registration number. Remember to bear in mind that if the registration number has the same size lettering on the top and bottom of the motorcycle number plate, then there will be no benefit from selecting the profiling optional extra.

Are shaped number plates legal?

The quick answer is yes. The more detailed answer is that as there is no legislation governing how a motorcycle number plate should be shaped, there is legislation stating the minimum and smallest legal requirements which essentially determines the shape; we have this covered in another article. However, it is the norm that all number plates should either be a square or rectangle and shaped motorcycle number plates aren’t seen to be very common. Here at JDM plates, we are one of the first to exploit shaped motorcycle number plates and in the smallest legal sizes within the UK.

For example, if you have a registration number of JDMP PL8 which has 4 characters on the top with a minimum legal width of 228mm and 3 characters on the bottom with a minimum legal width of 174mm wide, then a profiled number plate, with gel characters would look similar to image 1 below. This would also be complying with all legal minimum margins, spacing and character sizes.

Is there a range of motorcycle number plates available?

Currently, we only offer the profiled style of shaped motorcycle number plate as they coincide with our niche of manufacturing the smallest legal motorcycle number plates. However, we are looking into other shapes and sizes in the future such as tapered motorcycle number plates. There is a chance that these shaped motorcycle number plates may be preferred by riders and the website will be updated accordingly when they are available. See image 2 below of an example of a tapered number plate with similar characters as the previous example.

Can I have small motorcycle number plates?

Here at JDM Plates, we offer the smallest legal sizes on the market which is a fact. All of our number plates also comply with the most recent legislative amendment; we have an article explaining what the changes are in the most recent 145e amendment.

If you have than 7 characters in your registration number, or have some number ones in there, then you can benefit from a slightly smaller, yet albeit legal number plate. These smaller motorcycle number plates can also be currently offered in the profiled format and in the tapered format in the not so distance future!

For instance, if you have a 7 digit number plate that includes a number one in the larger group of characters, then a custom shaped motorcycle number plate in the profiled format would look similar to the example below! A similar result would be allowed for a 5 digit motorcycle number plate.

Where can I order shaped motorcycle number plates?

We’ll make it easy for you; the smallest legal shaped motorcycle number plates can be ordered via clicking the following image which will direct you to our product page on our website! When building the number plate, be sure to select the optional extra for the profiling add-on.

We can offer shaped number plates in a variety of styles too; styles such 3d gel, 4d acrylic and generic printed. Only black lettering is now made legal since the implementation of the new 145e British Standard so unfortunately having coloured lettering is not offered!

In more recent times, we have added Hex Number Plates to our Number Plate Builder which are a very cost-effective solution to enhancing the appearance of your vehicle!

If you are interested in the smallest legal shaped motorcycle number plates, then feel free to navigate to the product page using the product link above to place your order!

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