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Known for its iconic Beetle car (with its production ceasing in 2003), Volkswagen is an international car manufacturing company and was the largest car maker by worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017. As of July 21, 2022, Volkswagen’s net worth falls just short of $100B USD, where its total net worth reigns in at $98.25B USD. At JDM Plates, we supply all standard Volkswagen number plates in a number of different styles, as well as Volkswagen number plates being completely road legal.

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Volkswagen is a German phrase which incorporates two words: ‘volk‘, meaning people, and ‘wagen‘, meaning car. Therefore, Volkswagen translates to meaning ‘people’s car‘. Volkswagen got this name from the social issue where only one out of every fifty German citizens were in possession of a motor vehicle (due to how expensive they were to produce), meaning almost every German was limited to using public transport or by travelling on foot, which greatly limited opportunities and places where they could go.

It also severely impacted the practicality of infrastructure projects, such as the autobahn where only a few people would have used them at the time. Therefore, the notion for companies to allow people to invest gradually into a new car meant that overtime, they would pay for one. The Volkswagen car was just one of many People’s Car Projects which aimed to provide every German citizen/family with an automobile. It was, however, the only automotive company to have been established by a governmental institution and to have remained state-owned until the end of the war.

The People’s Car Project overall, failed to deliver on its promises to provide the working-class German families on the cars they invested in, and arguably the companies which allowed these projects to happen had no intention in doing so, since their revenue was instead spent on producing military vehicles which Germany needed to rearm and mobilise for the upcoming war.

A Dark History…

Having been founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front (the Nazi Party’s labour organisation which replaced all trade unions and was designed to maximise productivity by effectively eliminating all worker’s rights), Volkswagen – first named Volkswagenwerk, ‘The People’s Car Company’ – operated from Wolfsburg in northern Germany, and would be responsible for motorising the Wehrmacht and the Schutzstaffel (SS) with the VW Kubelwagen, and the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen, which became vital for logistics, supply, reconnaissance and for the military tactic Blitzkrieg which required military motorisation for it to remain effective.

Einheits-Pkw der Wehrmacht which directly translates to, ‘standard passenger motor-car of the Defence Forces’, were the German Reich’s multi-role motorised vehicle designs which Volkswagen had modelled and manufactured that heavily contributed towards the Nazi’s early successes during the war when it capitulated most of Europe. To some, this taint in Volkswagen’s history and its origins should never be allowed to be forgotten.

…And a Bright Future

Having been long-evolved from its Nazi roots, Volkswagen reinvented itself from a company built from oppression to becoming an icon of post-war West Germany. Today, Volkswagen stands as the second-biggest car manufacturer in the world, and has built a reputation of having an excellent level of quality for a reasonable price compared to their competitors, in spite of some controversies. Volkswagen is a company which prides itself on innovation and self-improvement. We at JDM Plates take the same attitude with our Volkswagen number plates.

With driverless car laws hopefully coming into affect by the end of 2022, Volkswagen has already developed in-built software for their cars which includes automated lane-keeping systems, and is expanding upon their electric car range whilst pumping investments into researching green technologies so that they need not rely on manufacturing their products from damaging rare metal and chemical mining plants.

This research will include: finding alternative materials which harm the environment less when obtaining and processing them to create an equally effective product; creating more simplified designs without impacting the performance of the product and recycling used/old parts more efficiently to a greater degree.

A sleek and efficient Volkswagen car should have matching sleek and efficient Volkswagen number plates to go with it.

At JDM Plates, we supply high-quality poly(methyl 2-methylpropenoate) (PMMA) acrylic and polyurethane resin Volkswagen number plates, custom-made in our store. We manufacture an assortment of plates, including 3D gel number plates and 4D number plates. Both of these are excellent choices for your Volkswagen number plates. For car owners who want their Volkswagen number plates to really stand out, we even supply 4D gel number plates which you can find in our exclusive Number Plate Builder!

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