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Our Honda number plates are just as versatile as the brand itself. Being a multinational conglomerate manufacturer of products ranging from power tools to automobiles, the Honda Motor Company, named due to using motors to power its vehicles and tools which requires power to run. Honda has developed an impressive net worth of $46.19B since its founding in Hamamatsu, Japan on October, 1946 (later incorporated on 24th September, 1948), although both its co-founders Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa had spent decades beforehand working with automobiles alongside other projects.

In the first year of their business, the founders would create their very first Honda by retrofitting surplus generator motors to bicycles, which essentially made them power-assisted bicycles as opposed to fully motorised bikes. However, this was not going to always be the case. The following year, the motor-bicycle is further developed using engine covers and improving the structure of the bike frames themselves. Finally, in 1949, the first Honda motorcycle is exclusively designed using no parts from pre-manufactured products by other companies, whilst the manufacturing process was already well underway. This motorbike was known as the Honda Type A.

Similarly to Honda, our Honda number plates have been carefully produced using software to design the legal font we use, and specialist equipment to build our bespoke Honda number plates.

Popular Honda Models

Two vehicles in Honda’s history have stood the test of time, and continue to be Honda’s best-selling automobiles. The Honda Civic, first introduced in 1972, is now a compact car which has been adapted into numerous different types, such as the Honda Civic Type R, known for its dynamic FW hatchback and the Honda Civic GTI which uses a direct fuel injection to increase the car’s torque by up to 50%.

Now available as an all-electric vehicle as well, the Honda Civic’s specialisation demonstrates its own popularity based on the high amount of sales each iteration of the Civic makes despite being targeted towards an increasingly niche group of drivers with each new type of Honda Civic released.

Then, there is the famous Honda Super Club. This is the most-produced and best-selling motorbike in the world; having accumulated over 120 million units produced and sold in over 160 countries since its inception in 1958. The Super Club’s latest model, the C125, is one of the most affordable motorbike ranges on sale, and so is strongly recommended for motorbike learners and beginner drivers.

Despite retaining the classic features of its original design (for example, a round headlight, a straight-backed riding position) which arguably makes it more unique and stylish compared to modern bikes which tend to appear as carbon copies of each other, the C125 has been updated overtime with the latest technological developments. It now uses an air-cooled, fuel injected engine; full LED lighting and upgrades to its sprockets and other parts overtime, as well.

With its current price as of August 2022 at £3,749, you are only going to find a cheaper motorbike by going to a lower engine size from 125cc to 50cc, at which point you are instead buying a moped (as can be found with the Lexmoto Echo moped). Moreover, there are over types of motorbikes within the C125 range which has detached more so from the original design to improve its speed limits and affordability. This means you can buy the faster Honda CB125F which still uses the same V6, C series engine!

Imported Honda Number Plates

Did you know that in accordance to The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations and following amendments, you can legally fit imported number plates onto your car or motorbike provided it has been purchased from the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)? This is why at JDM Plates, as our namesake suggests, we can sell legitimate import Honda number plates sizes. You can read more about our imported Honda number plates by clicking here.

Honda’s diverse ranges of different models and series of automobiles offer customers to customise their vehicles in several ways. Therefore, in addition to our Honda number plates using imported sizes provided they are fitted onto vehicles which have been purchased and shipped from the Japanese Domestic Market, we can also create green electric vehicle (EV), 3D and 4D Honda number plates in addition to gel variants! You can click onto the following links to learn more about our green electric vehicle (EV), 3D gel and 4D acrylic number plates.

For other queries you may have, we first of all recommend you visit our Articles & Posts page on our website. Alternatively, our Number Plate Shop can giver you a further visual insight into the different types of Honda number plates we have to offer before finally visiting our exclusive Number Plate Builder to design your own Honda number plates.

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