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Norwich, in the eastern region of the UK which is located within the County of Norfolk – home to approximately 900,000 people and in 2020 alone had over 4.59 billion vehicle miles travelled on its roads  – has recently undergone an enormous revamp in the road architecture; particularly around the Northern Distribution Road. With this in mind, and with future plans for the road network in the smaller suburbs to be expanded as well, it will ultimately bring more business and trade to the area. However, with more trade, more businesses and more miles covered on the Norfolk roads, there will ultimately be a higher demand for a whole host of services which will fundamentally bring more people to the local area to satisfy labour requirements. With more people, more spending will occur and with niche stores such as JDM Plates, we hope to bring a little something to the up-and-coming area by offering 4D number plates Norwich!

JDM Plates are company focused primarily on providing the UK with the smallest legal number plates allowable to comply with Government Legislation and DVLA guidance notes. JDM Plates can provide 4D number plates Norwich, and surrounding areas, for a very competitive price whilst offering the most custom sizes in the UK!

Using high quality, BSAU 145E compliant materials, whilst following stringent Government and DVLA guidelines, JDM Plates can offer the highest of quality 4D number plates Norwich.

Not only do we manufacture 4D number plates, but 3D gel number plates in Norwich too. If you are local, we are happy for you to come in and collect your desired number plate. Alternatively, we offer a tracked 24 and 48 hour delivery service provided by Royal Mail too; tracking information is sent straight to your phone and/or email address so you are fully aware of where your 4D number plate or Gel number plates are!

Our 4D acrylic number plates consist of opaque acrylic laser cut letters and numbers which let through 0% light; ensuring your letters truly are jet black to comply with the BSAE 145E standard. We use a high definition and high quality reflective vinyl; white for the front and yellow for the rear, which is applied to a fully transparent acrylic front sheet giving the best finish for a 4D number plate. All of the required legal information is printed along the bottom of the number plate to provide a high quality, fully compliant, number plate. So if you are after a 4D number plate in Norwich, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form below to get yours today.

With the change to legislation in September 2021, the new British standard; BSAU 145E was released. This specific piece of number plate legislation specifically states that letters and numbers on a number plate needs to be black only! With this in mind, be aware that if you decide to purchase, carbon, neon, glitter and krystal number plates, you may be fined up to £100 if ever stopped by a police office; the same rule goes for a number plate that is also too small; if you’re in need of the smallest legal motorcycle number plates then you’re in luck as we can offer those too!

JDM Plates offer the smallest legal number plates to accommodate your registration number and vehicle type so please bare this in mind and get in touch with any questions or concerns.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to order online, then have a look at our products further down this page or visit our number plate builder!

  • Sale! 4D 3mm Number Plate Standard UK Size | JDM Plates | 21st April 2024

    4D 3mm Number Plates For All Vehicles

    £24.99£67.99 inc. VAT
  • 4D 3mm Number Plate Import Size | JDM Plates | 21st April 2024

    4D 3mm Import Number Plates For JDM Vehicles

    £24.99£67.99 inc. VAT
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    4D 5mm Import Number Plates For JDM Vehicles

    £27.99£71.99 inc. VAT
  • 4D 5mm Number Plate Standard UK Size | JDM Plates | 21st April 2024

    4D 5mm Number Plates For All Vehicles

    £27.99£71.99 inc. VAT

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