Yamaha Number Plates – ‘Revs Your Heart’

Yamaha, such a versatile company. When the brand Yamaha is mentioned, such a vast range of products are instantly thought of subject to the individuals interest. Yamaha currently have the following groups of products available to the market; motorcycles, musical equipment, power generators and pumps and even marching equipment!

JDM Plates can offer Yamaha Number Plates to suit your pride and joy whether that is the MT09, Fazer, Raider or ever Raptor.

What Is The Most Popular Yamaha Motorcycle?

Yamaha have designed and manufactured some elite motorcycles throughout the course of history; some of these include the XT500, XS650 and RD350LC ranging to the VMAX and YZF-R1 which have all helped Yamaha, and in-fact the motorcycle industry as a whole, progress to the amazing machines that are developed today!

However, within the 21st century, Yamaha chose to go down a route of producing their new breed of motorcycles – the MT line – which include some amazing machines. According to Paddock Motorcycles, over 250,000 units of the MT line have been sold to up until November 2020 which is proving to be the most successful range ever produced by Yamaha.

Famous Films Yamaha Motorcycles Have Been In

With such a vast range of Yamaha models in the market today, there is no doubt that Yamaha motorcycles have been involved in some epic movie scenes!

One of these films to mention would be John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Take a look at this fight scene with the MT09-SP; this scene looks very familiar to the theme Yamaha wanted to go for, for this particular range; The Dark Side of Japan – especially with the intense katana sword fighting, blacked out helmets and nighttime scenery!

Other famous films that Yamaha Motorcycles have been a part of include the classic Rambo First Blood, which consists of the Yamaha XT250 and Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance, which showcases the Yamaha VMAX!

A Few Random Facts Associated With Yamaha

In 1887, a Japanese Company was initially founded under the name of Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd to manufacture reed organs after realising a gap in the market from experience of fixing reed organs and soon after, progressing onto pianos.

The Yamaha Motor Company was actually founded approximately 70 years later, in 1955, post World War 2, after success from repurposing their machinery to manufacture the Yamaha YA-1 in 1954. Furthermore, the first Yamaha motorcycle sold outside of Japan was in 1958 – this motorcycle was sold in the US.

The Yamaha Logo represent the 3 main pillars of its business – technology, production, and sales. The enclosing circle also evokes the robust vitality that has forged its reputation for sound and music. Yamaha has changed its logo many times over the course of its history – the very first logo being a Chinese Phoenix (Ho-oh), this was later changed to ‘tuning forks’ which has had many iterations since it’s initial design in 1916.

The Yamaha slogan – Rev Your Heart – refers to the revs of an engine, causing excitement and getting worked up into a state of excitement which could also be linked to the excitement caused by the generation and sound of music.

Where To Buy Yamaha Number Plates?

JDM Plates offer the smallest legal motorcycle number plates subject to the registration number of the vehicle; for instance, 6 character registration can legally be smaller than a 7 character registration number. Not only this, but we can offer a range of styles for Yamaha number plates such as 4D acrylic number plates and 3D gel number plates.

Both of these aforementioned styles are road legal but if these styles do not take your fancy, then we also offer the standard printed Yamaha number plates which you can design via our Number Plate Builder!

Yamaha number plates are usually in the size of 9′ x 7′ (229mm wide x 178mm high) which are manufactured by main dealers. If you want to remove the ugly over-size number plate and opt for something a bit smaller, then get in contact with us today either by phone; 01493 230023 or by email; [email protected]

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